Ubisoft Massive claims ‘there’s no better situation’ for Star Wars Outlaw’s setting

After decades of waiting, it seems that video gamers finally have a chance to live out their Star Wars scoundrel fantasies in a brand-new game called Star Wars Outlaw’s. Announced during Sunday’s Xbox Games Showcase, the open-world game developed by Ubisoft Massive will take place in the galaxy between Episode V The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It will feature the player controlling Kay Vess, who’s attempting to pull off the biggest heist the galaxy has ever seen.

The gameplay shown off in the trailer and the teaser site promises to be a fun mix of stealth and action. Players will be able to use cover and sneak around enemies, while also firing off blasters whenever they feel like it. The trailer also shows a little bit of vehicular action with Kay using her speeder bike to chase down foes. And if stealth isn’t your thing, the game will also allow you to use Nix, a small alien companion of Vess’ who’s able to push buttons and distract enemies.

It’s not entirely clear how the game will be set up, but it’s been hinted that there will be a variety of planets and locations to explore in the game. Star Wars Outlaw’s will also be powered by Ubisoft Massive’s Snowdrop engine, which has been used in the Tom Clancy’s The Division series and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. The creative director for the game, Julian Gerighty, has said that the goal is to “take the audience into a new Star Wars universe and not be tied to anything else.”

That’s a pretty bold claim considering Ubisoft’s problematic history. The company has been accused of covering up sexual harassment and abuse by senior staff members. This wasn’t a secret that broke out of the blue; Stephanie Sterling published a very thorough explainer about it in 2020. But it seems that the company has been able to brush this under the carpet and focus on the positive reaction to the announcement of the new Star Wars game.

While the excitement over the announcement is understandable, it’s worth pointing out that the conversation has been completely skewed by a lack of awareness about the company’s past issues. Ubisoft is one of the most prominent developers of video games in the world, and their reputation should be scrutinized as well as the quality of their products.

It would be a shame to see the Star Wars franchise get tarnished by the company’s misdeeds, especially since there are so many fans of the series who want to see it thrive. Until that happens, it’s important that people continue to raise awareness of the problems that can occur with big companies. The more we talk about these issues, the better chance we have of preventing them from happening in the future.