Vampire Survivors 1.6 update introduces new game engine and couch co-op

Vampire Survivors was a huge hit last year when it first released on PC. It’s a unique roguelike bullet hell game with Castlevania-inspired settings and characters, and it wowed audiences everywhere. One thing that players were missing, however, was the ability to play it with friends in a couch co-op setup. That wish has finally been fulfilled with the release of a new update.

Version 1.6 introduces the new couch co-op mode and a host of other changes. For starters, it has switched the game over to a different engine, which developer Poncle explains will let it add large features that would have been difficult or impossible to create with the old engine. It also promises to bring a much smoother experience for all players, regardless of their hardware setup.

The new engine also lets users enjoy Vampire Survivors with up to four other players in a local split-screen setup. All players will need their own controllers to enjoy this feature, which is available on all platforms the game has been released on (PC, mobile devices, Xbox One X and Y, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, and more). The game’s online multiplayer remains to be added, but Poncle says it will take some time before this gets ready for launch.

To make this co-op work, the game uses your device as a server for your Steam friends, which means there might be a little bit of lag if they’re playing on an entirely different device. However, people have been able to get it working using Steam’s Remote Play Together feature with some success.

Players will be able to unlock the same achievements in this new co-op mode, and accumulated gold coins will still be used to upgrade characters. Players can also use the new Friendship Amulet to upgrade everyone in their group, which will be useful for those trying to level up quickly. The only other change that is significant is that players will have fewer slots for weapons and equipment in this co-op mode to keep things balanced.

Vampire Survivors is free to download on all platforms, and the 1.6 update will be out soon. It’s a free update, and it brings couch co-op support to the game as well as a host of other improvements.

Kat Bailey is IGN’s News Director and has played through the entire Vampire Survivors franchise multiple times. Follow her on Twitter at @thekatbot for more gaming news and gossip.

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This article was originally written by Kat Bailey and has since been updated.

Vampire Survivors was a smash hit when it launched last year and has continued to receive critical acclaim at every turn, even winning some big indie awards. The unique roguelike takes place in an endless dungeon where you fight off hordes of enemies while unlocking weapons, levels and other rewards.